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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

What this blog entails ?

The intention of this blog was "to bring relevantdigitalcontent under one roof" but as I evolved, I realised that this is practically not possible ;) Its better to document my journey as a Digital Evangelist ;)

I got some real feel of digital marketing few months back and now I am attempting this blog with a lot of things already going on in my mind.

2 Major Concerns :

1. I am not a writer
2. I know little about blogging or digital

... and on top of that I have a vision... crap this won't work !

I will try to post my learnings - What I am doing ? Why I am doing ? What you should do ? What you should not do ? What everybody else is doing ? What experts think ? basically what is relevant !
(I am pretty sure I am not the first one to have thought about this.. because this could be the easiest and the quickest thing to do..)

Vision is to transform this blog into a learning platform where digital marketers, social media experts, bloggers, content creators, entrepreneurs and affiliates can learn, contribute and work for one another while retaining the pride and ownership of their content
(..seriously I have no clue how all this will happen.)

I will try to post relevantdigitalcontent most of which would be reposts or learnings from mentors, industry experts, webinars, blogs, tutorials etc. so I am not sure whether this content will be considered my own in anyway. Still it will help a lot of people search relevantdigitalcontent and that is one of the key objectives.

I am using "relevantdigitalcontent" the exact keyword again and again because this is relevant for SEO although I don't know how Mr Google will judge this but I hope all this will help my blog go #viral or at-least manage 100 or 1000 views.)

Crazy Ideas and Innovation do bring Disruption ! 

I encourage experts to come forward and tell me what should I do ? I want to document my growth trajectory so that others can leap forward from my experiences and make sense of out of this blog where most of the content would be those of others.

I need to work on visibility and reach of this blog so I am thinking about building backlinks, guest posts, comments, adding images, email subscriptions, templates, on-page/off-page SEO etc but how to do all this... ?

That reminds me I need to work upon email marketing as well. People think its old fashioned & gone and if you think the same, you are losing some serious business opportunities because email forms an integral part of lead nurturing program which transforms leads to qualified leads and finally sales.

I am trying to become active across social platforms. Tip 1004 : Keep your branding consistent and use similar logo/pic/taglines so that your audience can recognise you !

I have nothing to sell as of now ;) So don't worry and connect with me. I am sure you will <3