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Friday, 1 May 2015

Message from the CEO !

To the (parallell) WORLD

Congratulations and Cheers :)

(People)* Mankind is Evolving!

We have moved past the traditional shackles of time & resources. We all are a part of this revolution ! ;)

(... please   this not a common line which everyone has to say... ? think about breaking shackles of TIME and RESOURCES :P

Earlier  we didn't have make our intent reach to a larger audience and even if we had.. it might have taken a lot of time... -? IIN (idea internet network) :

So what's different ? CONTENT + DIGITAL + SOCIAL

1. You should have - good Content to offer ( specific case "authentic, engaged, human, viral, stry, seed, inflc, ψr)

2. You should have basic Digital skills ( can learn on your own or else if you are lucky some booming start-up like @brandanew will find you and bombard you with content to learn and you are ready!)

3. You should have good Social skills (...interact with people more often, return favours, spread smiles :) share a drink, laugh and most importantly take a beating for them, loose something in the process ;) you will get people for lifetime)

Tip 1008: Follow people on twitter who share excellent stuff to learn Digital, Social and Content. Just read and try to understand. If you don't understand, they will help you because the onus is on them ;) to push you!)

And then mix and match !

Last night, I was doing my usual "HeroGiri" to seek attention and make this event big (... sending tweets and breaking news to BBC world ,CNN, IBN, Aaj Tak, Mr Modi, AAP, Angel and Sequio investors ??) just because my vision has grown and I want this world to be a better place !

I have always tried to be a vigilant and responsive citizen but couldn't do anything on a bigger scale. I always cursed myself for not contributing enough to the society (...I was lazy and happy in my world). Now, I can see people talking the same shit what I used to give them and this blog can well be an awakening call to DO action !

...and when (Girish Sharma)* starts talking, things start happening... ;) lol
(...this is a data backed claim)

I have brought a change in the attitude of the leaders of this world ! They are currently doing some great stuff.. bringing a real change ! I have already influenced their thought procedure. At-least they will remember this for few years now :P This is the greatest satisfaction of my life and I am hungry for more ;) Can I do something better than this ? Yes, Sure !

People are shy to share their feelings & emotions and are afraid of... what ? I don't know. May be someone is judging you ? How will the society respond ? Trust me ! All this, is a commonplace mediocre behaviour we need to leave behind ! If you are true to yourself, the world conspires to make your dream a reality (... 10 times the package any wonderkid has got till date !)

Yesterday night, I knew I was getting noticed & I should keep working but my eyes were paining :(
( guys will see me with spectacles soon). I had to convince myself hard to sleep, but before going to sleep I passed on some vague GN tweets to people who were not sleeping, I was trying to be considerate of their efforts. (...GLIM ;) guys forgive me for being a free loader, influential people believe in Team Synergy :P)

I knew I was destined to do something big.. lol but this big? I will start crying :'(

Read my next blog... connect with me :) Be the part of the change !