Tuesday, 28 April 2015

10 important points why you should have Mr Girish Sharma on board :)

10 important points why you should have Mr. Girish Sharma on board :)

1. Vision and Strategic Focus
  • Born Leader (Assertive, Story teller, Dreamer and Front Runner)
  • Flair for understanding business verticals, business strengths, core competencies, innovative solutions and strategic direction
  • SMAC (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)
2. Transparent and Trustworthy
  • Worked under strict deadlines and timelines. 
  • Understands the value of time management and believes in keeping things simple. 
  • Firm believer of Lord Shiva and guided by honesty and integrity.
  • Less communication gaps and well informed decision making.
  • 24X7 available on mobile and less unplanned leaves.
3. Pro-Active and Self Motivated
  • Co-Founder at Sharma Clinic and Leadership Consultant at KPS Institution 
  • Executive Coach and Management Consultant
  • Business Analyst, Data Analyst and Program Manager at TCS 
  • Experience in Contract Management Systems and pitching new Product solutions across different domains including IT, BFSI, Healthcare, CPG and Pharmacy Retail.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, NLP, Data Visualization and Advanced Statistical Modelling 
4. Passion and Energy
  • Positive, Cheerful, Lively, Spontaneous, Creative, Innovative, Approachable and Agile Team Player.
  • Event Coordinator: Cavorts-BIT Technical fest, Vibration-BIT Cultural fest, Crest 4.0-GLIM Fest. 
  • Flash Mob, Raahgiri, Business Relation Events, Team meetings and Social gatherings.
  • Founder: Vyaktitva Club (Business quiz, Seminars, Industry connect, Group discussions and Debates)
  • CSR, TCS Maitree, Religious Institutions (ISCKON/Arya Samaj Mandir/Shani Mandir)
  • Fire safety SPOC, Vaccination and Blood Donation Camps
5. Diversified Portfolio
  • Business Intelligence, Business Strategy and Thought Leadership
  • Marketing | Analytics | Operations | Finance 
  • SDLC: Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Support
  • Onsite-Offshore Coordination, Task Allocation, Asset Building, Dashboard Reporting and Incident Management
  • RFP/RFI/RFQ, Vendor Management, Work Order, Effort Forecasting and Budget Allocation.
6. Content Evangelist 
  • Blogging, Infographics, Video, Dynamic and Static Website Development, 
  • Email (Headline testing, Spam testing, A/B testing, Open rates, Conversions)
  • SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, AR, PR and Campaign Analytics
  • Recommendations from Forbes Influential Bloggers 
7. Eagerness to Learn and Contribute
  • Self-learning (YouTube, Seminars, Newsletters, Subscriptions, E-learnings, Webinars)
  • Online/Offline Trainings, MOOCs (Coursera, Udemy, Great Learning, Alison etc.)
  • Competency Building/Knowledge sharing and TCS Knowmax Contributions (Critical Point Testing Document, Best Practices Document, Checklists, Monthly/Weekly Review and Update)
  • Python, R, C, C++, Java, HTML, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Tableau, Power BI
  • SAS, SPSS, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, AWS and Azure
8. Digital and Social Influencer
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube 
  • Niche audience engagement with meaningful connections
  • Digital Point Award for Digital and Social Presence
9. Academic Excellence
  • Honor Role Award and Scholar Blazer for consistently scoring 85% and above
  • DAV College Academic Achievement Award 
  • 10th Tuition fee waived off by DAV Board
  • BE(CS) from Birla Institute Of Technology 2010
  • PGPM from Great Lakes Institute Of Management 2015
  • Aegon UK Insurance Domain Competency Award Winner.
10. X-factor
  • Smart, Intelligent and Presentable
  • Entrepreneurial acumen
  • Startups, M&A, Valuations, Capital Structure, Budgeting and Risk Management
  • Art, Photography, Travel, Mindfulness, Fitness, JUDO

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Basics of Digital Marketing

Relevant and Intuitive Digital Marketing 

Organic posts - whenever you type anything (keyword/search query) in google/any other search engine (yahoo or bing), the results which come up automatically (typically after 2-3 lines) are called Organic posts. 

These form the basis of SEO/search engine optimization. It takes time to do SEO to improve the rankings of your post. 

"The best place to hide is on the next page of google results" 

No one bothers to search or read your post if it is listed deep down in SERP (search engine results page).

Inorganic posts - whenever you type anything (keyword/search query) in google/any other search engine, the results which come on top of organic posts or vertically on the right hand side of the screen or sometimes at the bottom. 

Usually separated by a simple thin line you can easily distinguish between organic and inorganic posts. 

These may include site links, google maps, news feed, related keywords, image results, shopping feeds etc. to eat upon the most coveted screen space so as to increase the number of clicks and impressions.

Note : There's a difference between click and impression

Impression : you type in a keyword and results are displayed, whenever you see an ad it counts for an impression whether you click it or not. (Marketers do a lot of hard work and pay heavily to get their ads displayed)

Click: when you click on the displayed ad it counts for 1 click.

Further, these clicks and impressions are used by marketers to achieve their business objectives in conjunction with different monetary models like 

1. PPC - Pay per click (marketers pay when any user clicks their ad)
2. PPL - Pay per lead (marketers pay when the random click converts to a qualified lead)
3. PPM - Pay per 1000 impressions (marketers pay for 1000 impressions)
4. PPA - Pay per action/acquisition (marketers pay when there is action/sale)

PPC/PPA/PPL may be used to drive conversions (which could be a sale or a form fill or a newsletter sign up or an e-book download) while PPM may be used for branding/awareness.