Thursday, 12 March 2015

Basics of Digital Marketing

Relevant and Intuitive Digital Marketing 

Organic posts - whenever you type anything (keyword/search query) in google/any other search engine (yahoo or bing), the results which come up automatically (typically after 2-3 lines) are called Organic posts. 

These form the basis of SEO/search engine optimization. It takes time to do SEO to improve the rankings of your post. 

Quote (from one of my DM lectures) "The best place to hide is on the next page of google results" 

No one bothers to search or read your post if it is listed deep down in SERP (search engine results page).

Inorganic posts - whenever you type anything (keyword/search query) in google/any other search engine, the results which come on top of organic posts or vertically on the right hand side of the screen or sometimes at the bottom. 

Usually separated by a simple thin line you can easily distinguish between organic and inorganic posts. 

These may include site links, google maps, news feed, related keywords, image results, shopping feeds etc. to eat upon the most coveted screen space so as to increase the number of clicks and impressions.

Note : There's a difference between click and impression

Impression : you type in a keyword and results are displayed, whenever you see an ad it counts for an impression whether you click it or not. (keep in mind marketers do a lot of hard work and pay heavily to get their ads displayed)

Click: when you click on the displayed ad it counts for 1 click.

Further, these clicks and impressions are used by marketers to achieve their business objectives in conjunction with different monetary models like 

1. PPC - Pay per click (marketers pay when any user clicks their ad)
2. PPL - Pay per lead (marketers pay when the random click converts to a qualified lead)
3. PPM - Pay per 1000 impressions (marketers pay for 1000 impressions)
4. PPA - Pay per action/acquisition (marketers pay when there is action/sale)

PPC/PPA/PPL may be used to drive conversions (which could be a sale or a form fill or a newsletter sign up or an ebook download) while PPM may be used for branding/awareness.