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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

10 important points why you should have Mr Girish Sharma on board :)

10 important points why you should have Mr Girish Sharma on board :)

1. Vision and Strategic focus
  • Born Leader (Assertive, Belligerent, Story teller, Dreamer and Front runner)
  • Flair for understanding business verticals, business strengths, core competencies, innovative solutions and strategic direction
  • SMAC (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)

2. Transparent and Trustworthy
  • Worked under strict deadlines and timelines. Understands the value of time management and believes in keeping things simple. Firm believer of Lord Shiva and guided by honesty and integrity.
  • Less communication gaps and well informed decision making
  • 24X7 available on mobile and very less unplanned leaves

3. Pro-Active and Self Motivated
  • Learned niche technologies like LINC and Unisure which others were reluctant to explore and later took competency building/knowledge sharing sessions for LINC within & across team (Telephonic/VCONN).
  • Business and Functional roles: LINC SPOC (Onsite-Offshore coordination, task allocation, asset building, dashboard reporting, support, incident management). Analyst at ICICI_FSL (worked independently at client side, collected data and provided specific solutions regarding Thin-client architecture & design)
  • Aegon_UK Insurance domain competency award winner

4. Passion and Energy
  • Positive, cheerful, lively, spontaneous, creative, innovative, approachable, witty, quick , dexterous and agile team player
  • Events: Cavorts-BIT technical fest, Vibration-BIT cultural fest, Crest 4.0-GLIM technical/cultural fest, Flash Mob, Raahgiri, business relation events, team meetings, celebrations and social gatherings
  • Vyaktitva club at Great Lakes Institute Of Management – responsible for conducting and organizing business quiz, seminars, Industry connect, group discussions and debates
  • CSR, TCS Maitree, Fire safety SPOC, blood donation, religious institutions (ISKON/Arya samaj/Shani mandir)

5. Jack of all trades and master of some ;)
  • Social media, networking, multi-tasking, content, AR, PR, campaign, requirement analysis, data gathering, software development, support, testing, deployment, PMO, domain expertise, business intelligence, business strategy, Thought leadership
  • Marketing (8 Subjects) Analytics (4 Subjects) Operations (4 Subjects) Finance (3 Subjects)
  • Art, culture, reading, writing, photography, travel, cars, fashion, cricket, social networking, gym, music, dance, JUDO and Love <3

6. Content Evangelist (Self/PNBHFL/GLIM/local businesses)
  • Blogging, Infographics, video, dynamic and static website development, template creation, evangelism, content review for particular niche, Email content (Headline testing, spam testing, A/B testing, open rates, conversions)
  • Received recommendations from Forbes influential bloggers like brokeblokeblogs, mathewwoodword, Eve Mayer #FollowFriday for relevant content and shares a personal connect

7. Eagerness to learn and contribute
  • Best friend: Mr. Google, self-learning, newsletters, subscriptions, e-learnings, webinars, online/offline trainings, digiVidya, coursera
  • TCS Knowmax (Critical point testing document, best practices document, guest blogging and comments, monthly/weekly review and update)
  • People say “Rare combination of humility and confidence”, “Quick to admit mistakes and rectify them in no time”

8. Connected
  • Active cross platform connectivity (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Klout etc.) and niche audience engagement to boost reach/visibility for meaningful connections
  • Social media promotion strategy and competitive analysis for PNBHFL, Majestic SEO for Internet PR, truesocialmetrics and RivalIQ
  • Digital Point Award for Digital and Social Presence

9. Academic Excellence
  • Received Honor Role Award, Scholar Blazer for consistently scoring 85% and above, DAV College Academic Achievement Award and 10th Tuition fee waived off by DAV Board
  • BE(CS) from Tier 1 institute BIT Mesra (Projects: Parallel Universe, Steganography, Ant colony Optimization)
  • Easily belled the CAT with 90%ile and completed PGPM from Great Lakes Gurgaon

10. X-factor
  • Smart, Intelligent and Presentable Digital Marketing enthusiast
  • Entrepreneurial acumen, Interested in startups (BookMyDriver, payments), mergers and acquisitions, valuations, capital structure, budgeting and risk management (Moon cinemas, PNB Gilts)