Saturday, 20 June 2015

Humi Hum hai to kya hum hai.. Tumhi tum ho to kya tum ho !

All professions are equally important.. and deserve equal respect !
(.. and if real soldiers didn’t agree to this they won’t be demanding OROP ;) )
Humi Hum Hai to Kya Hum Hai.. Tumhi Tum Ho to kya Tum ho.. :)
..This “Border” movie dialogue is not just limited to soldiers (..its just that they can connect better)..but the entire world and all humans at large are a part of this..
..the best in class engineers doctors researchers managers etc etc are building things codes technology medicines bridges equipments artillery strategies etc etc.. (.. and trust me the stakes are equally large in every profession).. nothing works alone.. without all this our soldiers will loose the purpose.. navy air force are trying to bring these professionals together but most of their learnings are still from the civilian world.. (Digital transformation is coming up and I am sure new professions like digital and social media which where not present earlier our forces will have to incorporate them as well to stay relevant .. and update their entry criterion because most of these people will be civilians ;)
I am sorry to say.. but soldiers feel that way.. the terms like “bloody civilians” is so common.. I am sure most of us who have met soldiers can sense this tone even if they don’t say explicitly…this is what is building up frustration in the common man..
..and engineers are the dump yards of frustration and as matter of fact without humiliation they won’t perform lol ;).. they are the backbone of big IT companies like TCS, Infy, Wipro.. who are providing IT services, consultancy and business solutions to global giants.. government projects form a large client base..
Look at the big picture and Just chill !